• Booth Party @ITB

    4th March 2020 at 6pmHall 7.1c | Booth 107

Let's party together!

 We don't only go to the ITB to make serious business, but we want to enjoy the event to it's fullest and party with you!

Meet the crew!

Talk to industry experts for e-tourism from hotelkit and INCERT if you have any questions about our solutions or about anything you have in mind.

Don't you worry!

We have enough drinks and food for everybody. Just make sure to sign the form below. Oh, did we mention that we've booked a DJ?

We are looking forward to seeing you!

Last year's booth party was a blast, but this year it's going to be even better. To make it a great one, we need YOU at our party!


04 March 2020 - start at 6 pm

Messe Berlin